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Media Institute - Jessica Evans writing content

Jessica Evans is a media strategist, publicist, content creator and social media wizz on a mission to empower business owners to gain more visibility and credit for what they do best.

A former journalist with a media career spanning 10 years, Jessica has worked for some of Australia’s leading media players including the Herald Sun and AAP.

She helps entrepreneurs and brands who want to tell their story and grow their brands fast using strategic communications, PR and marketing.

On the busy newsdesk at the Herald Sun she noticed the amount of PR that was severely lacking and failed to get published and she wanted more.

She wanted news outlets to be able to tell better stories and to be delivered better content, not just from PR people but from business owners themselves.

She believes there’s no one-size fits all approach to marketing a business and that to grow a business you need to start with solid basics.

That’s why the team at the Media Institute offer the complete package – from web design and development, publicity strategy, PR, media training, social media and influencer marketing.

They work with a range of clients in a variety of sectors including hospitality, lifestyle brands, product based businesses, education institutions and global corporates.

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