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The Process

Navigating the changing online world begins with a plan.

Our process is designed to involve you and your organisation so we can really get to know your unique needs and challenges and how we can best assist.

As part of our initial discovery session together we will unpack what your goals are and how we can deliver the most value for you so you can get the best benefit.

We’ll discuss who your target audiences are, what they care about and how we can get in front of them.

We operate in a strategic way helping you identify the end game whether it be for generating sales, building brand awareness, attracting new customers and clients or getting in front of potential investors and more.

After our initial session we’ll give you feedback on our recommendations to really build and advance your business.

If you’re happy with what we propose we’ll discuss your specific requirements and answer any pressing questions you might have about the process and what’s involved.

After we’ve finalised a plan of attack our team will get stuck into implementation. This could including everything from building and developing your new site, rolling out a publicity plan or launching your brand on social media.

We will then roll out your project within a reasonable timeframe that works best for you and your organisation.

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